A little while ago I had this epiphany that my self improvement regime was actually stressing me out and it was having the opposite effect on my well being. I decided in that moment to take the pressure off myself and switch from living in a constant quest for a better me, to loving myself as I am now. Loving myself enough to really listen to what my body, mind, soul wants and needs to feel nourished and then make decisions on how to deliver it. With this attitude my overloaded brain has completely eased up, I have felt more reconnected to myself, and the self improvement aspect has been taking care of itself!

WE are a world full of self-improvement NUTS. Everyone is striving for a better version of themselves. Does that mean we are never really feeling as though we are good enough as we are? So many books and podcasts and workshops... Life is stressful enough and then adding on top of that all of this pressure to be BETTER, it doesn't necessarily make you feel fantastic.

So lately I have put myself on a new path, not one of self improvement but one of self-nourishment. They look kinda similar, but one is heaps easier to maintain and actually ends up leading to the other anyway...

I have kept my plan really simple...

1. I have started moving my body. I have joined a gym! But for the first time in my life I haven't joined up with an expectation that I will look like a supermodel in 8 weeks. I simply want to live a healthier lifestyle. And I have been actually going!

2. I have joined a ceramics class. My creativity is my fuel for life. Especially as I make my living in creative industries, when my creativity wanes my whole world suffers. So I am nourishing my creativity by giving myself space to explore something new without the pressure of an outcome.  Learning a new skill for love, not money, has my creative brain ticking over at a hundred mph in all aspects of my life. And once I am tired of ceramics, I will try jewellery, and then lead-lighting, and then......

3. Self love. I am learning how to listen to my inner dialogue. I am really thinking on what ILOVE and ENJOY. I can't believe how much I LOVE daisies. Is there a more beautiful flower?! Warm fires. Fresh sheets. Late afternoon walks. Morning snuggles. Vanilla scented candles. gardening. Vintage craft books. Crochet in bed. Avocados. Pink and red, together, My favourite colour combo of all time! I feel like everytime I stop and think on what I love, I reconnect with myself and and what truly inspires me. I listen to my bodies wants and needs and I am paying close attention to both. I have been eating healthier foods more regularly. But I have also been treating myself to afternoon tea and cake whenever I feel the need. Taking longs baths. Long walks. Long naps. Podcasts and guided meditation one day, netflix in mypyjamas the next. Balance.

I am totally making it up as I go, but I suppose the whole point of it is finding flow and going with it, rather than the constant hustle of achieving! How do you find balance? Anyone else been feeling the pressure of the self-improvement culture?

Bec xx