The last two years I have been working on a granny square blanket for my baby girl. Now that its finished I have a basket full of scrap wool to use up and the granny square addiction continues. I love a good cushion so this was always going to happen...

These cute cushions look complicated but there is actually a sneaky trick in making them. I reckon even a beginner should give it a go... 


You will need assorted yarn in your favourite colours. I like to be completely random with my colour selections. The less the colours compliment each other the more crazy beautiful the cushions tend to be. Purple, yellow, brown, fluro anything, peach, pink, acid green... Go nuts. 


You will need to know some basic crochet techniques. I found the best way to learn was through watching youtube tutorials. There are so many comprehensive tutorials and I am not quite at the stage of making video tutorials yet so I am going to share this link.

Making granny squares is a great way to practise your beginner crochet skills. The stitches are repetitive and its easy to see if you have made a mistake so you can go back and fix it up nice and quick. The process is relaxing and meditative. I suggest using good quality wools as you will want to treasure your cushion for a long time to come. 

I used 8 ply acrylic yarn with a 4.5mm crochet hook and I recycled a nice tidy cushion from the thrift shop. My cushion measured 40cm x 40cm but you can use any size...

Now, the trick is you basically keep making your granny square until it is large enough to diagonally wrap around your cushion to cover both the front and the back. You stitch up your sides making an envelope for your cushion and then finish joining the remaining two sides. 


Enjoy!! Love Bec xx